ClearCorrect at Grange Dental Care

If you’d like straighter teeth, without the hassle and awkward appearance of traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect™ in Grange treatment may be right for you. Getting clear braces in Grange is a convenient way to invest in your smile, your confidence, and your future oral health.

About ClearCorrect in Grange

ClearCorrect is a clear aligner treatment that straightens your teeth discreetly. These custom-made aligners are removable, making it easy to clean your teeth and eat. Each time you wear your ClearCorrect aligners, you’ll be straightening your teeth.

Clear aligners in Grange are more comfortable than traditional braces, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

Why Clear Aligners in Grange?

Clear braces from Grange Dental Care can transform your smile for the better. A well-aligned smile does more than enhance your confidence and improve your first impressions, although these functions are undoubtedly important.

Straight teeth improve your overall oral health by helping to prevent cavities and tooth problems. Crooked teeth are great at trapping food particles and debris, and it’s hard to clean the small crevices between slanted teeth with a toothbrush, making misaligned teeth much more likely to form cavities and tooth decay.

Misaligned teeth, also called malocclusions, can put undue strain on certain teeth each time you take a bite, or even when you’re sleeping. This can cause chipped teeth, toothaches, and headaches.

If your bite isn’t straight, it’s also more difficult to chew your food properly. This could lead to digestive issues over time.

About Getting ClearCorrect in Grange

Getting ClearCorrect at Grange Dental Care means you’ll benefit from personalised care and a dentist familiar with your unique situation.

Our ClearCorrect procedure employs custom-fitted aligner trays, so your treatment starts with an impression of your teeth. We might divide your treatment into 3 to 8 manageable stages that could involve around 32 sets of aligners.

Grange Dental Care provides high-quality, safe, and affordable ClearCorrect dental treatments so you can benefit from a handsome, healthy smile. Call us today on (07) 3186 6031 to learn more about how our procedure can improve your oral health.