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Dentures in Grange

If missing or loose teeth affect your appearance and self-confidence, you may be wondering how you can restore your smile. Dentures from Grange Dental Care are an affordable option to replace your missing teeth so you can get back to enjoying eating, speaking, and smiling with friends and family.

Why Dentures?

Dentures from Grange Dental Care are prosthetic teeth that slip securely over your gums. They look and function like natural teeth.

Dentures can also help preserve the existing structure of your lips and cheeks adding volume to your facial structure for a more youthful appearance.

You can replace an entire arch of teeth with dentures, or choose partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth. Partial dentures anchor onto nearby teeth to fill in the gap and prevent accelerated decay of nearby teeth. Our denture clinic in Grange customises the fit and look of your dentures to restore your natural smile.

What Are Dentures from Grange Dental Care Made From?

Modern dentures are designed to look as natural as possible, and are usually made from acrylic. Acrylic is extremely durable and lightweight, which means it feels more comfortable and natural in your mouth. Valplast dentures are lighter, smaller and looking natural.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you struggle with keeping your dentures in place when you’re eating or speaking, implant-retained dentures may be a better option. With implant-retained dentures, a dental implant is used to secure the dentures in your jawbone so you can go about your day with confidence.

Implant-retained dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth by using strategically-placed implants, to which the dentures attach. This All-on-Four method uses four implants to restore your bottom or top arch.

Visit Our Denture Clinic in Grange

At Grange Dental Care, we know how important your smile is to your overall health and wellbeing. We can help you find a solution to replace your missing teeth. Call us on (07) 3186 6031 to schedule a consultation.