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Fillings are the simple, go-to solution for simple cavities and cracks in your teeth. GDC offer aesthetically pleasing, tooth coloured fillings which means you won’t have unattractive metal fillings in your mouth. Our dentists are thorough and efficient and we use a range of pain relief options to ensure that your procedure is quick, pain-free and stress-free so there is no need to worry about a simple tooth filling.

With our team of dental experts, we are able to use fillings to maximise the amount of tooth that can be conserved. Our fillings are biocompatible and tooth coloured so look and feel more natural. Many people choose to replace older amalgam fillings for aesthetic reasons but they may also need replacing if the filling is leaking, if there is decay around the filling or if the tooth is cracked.

Contact us to discuss your particular problem and we can help you decide what your best dental care options will be.


  • Anaesthetic will wear off between 1-3 hours post procedure
  • Avoid food and drinks until after anaesthetic wears off
  • Observe children while anaesthetic wears off to ensure they don’t bite their cheek or lip
  • Do not chew food on the numb side until feeling has returned
  • Hot, cold and pressure sensitivity may be present for a few days or weeks
  • The injection site may feel a little sore for a few days