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General Checkup and Clean in Grange

Your smile and oral health are important to your overall wellbeing. Regular check-ups every six months are essential to maintaining good oral hygiene and catching potential issues before they become serious and require more invasive and expensive treatment. A general checkup and clean at Grange Dental Care can keep your smile

looking great and reduce the need for major dental work in the future.

What Can I Expect at My General Checkup and Clean in Grange?

Your general checkup and clean at Grange Dental Care consists of an examination and a cleaning. During the examination, your dentist inspects your teeth and gums and takes X-rays to look at your bone and teeth structures. Your dentist looks for issues such as cavities, plaque and tartar build-up, signs of teeth grinding, cracks, and other abnormalities. Your dentist also ensures your restorations are in good condition.

Your gums are inspected for signs of gum disease, which can put you at risk for more severe health issues if left untreated. Your examination also includes a screening for oral cancer.

Once the examination is complete, your dentist cleans away any tartar and plaque that can not be removed by normal brushing. This is done using an ultrasonic scaler, but a scraper can also be used to clean hard-to-reach build-up below the gumline.

Your dentist does a deep floss between your teeth and then puts a protective polish on your teeth. Routine exams in Grange take less than an hour to complete, so you can schedule a checkup and professional dental

cleaning on your lunch break.

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Patients with Sensitive Teeth

While routine exams in Grange are relatively non-invasive, patients with gum disease or sensitive teeth may need additional steps to prevent any discomfort. We can administer a local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout your cleaning. At Grange Dental Care, you see the same dentist on every visit, so you can build a trusting relationship, which is important for nervous or anxious patients. We also provide comprehensive care, and put our patients first. If at any point during your cleaning you feel discomfort, let us know. Our patients’ comfort is important to us.

Routine Exams in Grange

If you are overdue for your six-month checkup, call Grange Dental Care on (07) 3186 6031 to book an appointment. Let us help you maintain your oral health and give you a beautiful smile.