Pinhole Technique in Grange

Gum recession is a common but serious problem that can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Several things can cause gums to recede, including genetics and hormonal changes. However, the most common cause of gum recession is gingivitis. While soft-tissue grafting is the most common fix for gum recession, it causes discomfort and can take a long time to heal. The Pinhole Technique at Grange Dental Care stretches the gums so they cover the root of your tooth.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession can be caused by a number of factors, including poor oral care, ageing, or brushing too hard. If you don’t have good oral health habits, this can lead to gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque and tartar build-up. If left untreated, this can become periodontitis which can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, exposing the root and providing a place for bacteria to breed.

Untreated periodontitis usually leads to bone and tooth loss, and is connected to severe health issues such as heart disease.

What is the Pinhole Technique?

Gum recession was traditionally treated using soft-tissue grafting, which involves using donor tissue or soft tissue from the roof of your mouth to build up the gumline, The donor tissue is sutured into place, and the healing process can take 2-3 weeks. In severe cases, you may have to go through several grafting treatments.

With the Pinhole Technique, a pinhole is made in the gum tissue, and a device is placed into the hole. This device stretches the gums down over the root into a more natural position. Your dentist then inserts collagen strips into the pinhole to keep the gums in place while they heal, and to promote growth of new tissue.

Does the Pinhole Technique Hurt?

Because there are no stitches or incisions, there is minimal discomfort following the Pinhole Technique procedure. Additionally, if you have multiple receding gums that need to be addressed, this can all be done in one sitting.

Do I Qualify for the Pinhole Technique in Grange?

Candidates for the Pinhole Technique do not have active periodontal disease, do not smoke or use tobacco, and must be in good health. In some cases, patients with gum recession from periodontitis may be ineligible for this procedure. This gum recession treatment in Grange also requires that you have enough gum tissue present in the affected areas.

Why the Pinhole Technique at Grange Dental Care?

At Grange Dental Care, we understand that discomfort and self-consciousness can arise from exposed roots and gum recession. We want our patients to look and feel their best when they smile, chew, and speak.

If you are interested in gum recession treatment at Grange Dental Care, call us today on (07) 3186 6031 to book a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for the revolutionary Pinhole Technique.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.