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We are located in The Grange, an inner northern suburb of Brisbane, 5 km north of CBD.

We have been in the area for over 10 years.


If your tooth is damaged by decay, disease or trauma then it’s time for some restorative action. Treatments such as fillings, bridges and implants will improve the appearance of cracks, chips, cavities, missing teeth or discolouration to restore the natural look, feel and function of your teeth.


Regular Dental checkup and clean would address early signs of gum disease and tooth decay. We provide custom fit mouthguards to protect your teeth when playing sport, or custom fit splint to prevent tooth wear and muscular joints pain.


At GDC, we offer a range of cosmetic procedures to give you an instant confidence boost. With our affordable cosmetics services such as teeth whitening, fast braces, clear correct, crows, veneers and pin-hole surgical technique for gum recession, your crooked, cracked, stain teeth would no longer be your concern.

We Specialize In



Fillings are the go-to solution for simple cavities and cracks in your teeth.


Bridges are a row of crowns that are used to strengthen damaged teeth and fill gaps.


Dental braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment performed. At GDC we use the latest low profile bracket from American Orthodontics that is not just easy to clean but is also looks great!


If possible we prefer to keep your natural teeth but sometimes, the best solution is extraction


A root canal is indicated when the pulp (nerve and blood vessel) becomes infected (where the tooth is severed)  and is required if the nerve in the centre of the tooth is damaged.


A thin layer of dental material usually of porcelain used to rectify teeth is the most effective restorative procedures for rectifying teeth that are chipped, stained or discoloured, crooked or have gaps between them.


A fantastic solution for restoring teeth that have been badly cracked or have heavy decay.


Implants are used mainly for missing teeth or teeth that need to be completely removed.


Gingival recession, or gum recession, is what happens when gum tissue is recessed and lowers its position on the tooth, exposing the roots of the teeth.
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