Welcome To Grange Dental Care

Thank you for choosing Grange Dental Care where the care you receive is the best available and where the fee is sensible.

We provide a stress free, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We promise to explain things in simple language so you understand the state of your teeth, treatment options available, the cost and the time involved.  No matter what treatment decision you make, we respect your choice and deliver the treatment to you with full support.

About GDC

Grange Dental Care is located in The Grange, an inner-northern suburb of Brisbane, 5km north of the CBD.

Unlike other corporate dental clinics with the sole purpose of big profit, we focus mainly on your well being.

We strive to resolve your concern in a timely, conservative and affordable way.

Our team focuses on comprehensive dentistry. We believe that less is better when it comes to the treatment of your teeth and we believe the best treatment for the benefits of your oral health is to preserve and maintain the bones, the gums and the teeth with minimal intervention.

Our philosophies are based on sound clinical research, modern concepts on preventative and conservative dental care.

Come in and give us the chance to take care of you and build your trust through our commitment to improving your oral health.


Our Services

At GDC we are committed to providing you with a broad range of services under one roof. This includes a range of techniques to achieve the most appropriate and comfortable outcome for you.

  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crown and bridges
  • Veneers
  • Management of gum recession with pinhole surgery techniques
  • Root canal treatment
  • Implants

Working at GDC

GDC  is committed to the development of professional skill levels for all employees. Our workplace culture is based on traditional values, and we believe all our customers should be treated with trust and respect. We are committed to maintaining a positive work environment so our employees can reach their full potential.

Experience the Difference

With our wide range of services, such as fast braces, clear correct, sleep disorder management, implants, improvement of gum recession, the team at GDC always put our patients first.

So whether you require clear correct, pinhole surgical techniques for gum recession or root canal therapy– get in touch with us for more information.